Best Android Apps for 2019

There are more than 2.9 million apps in the Google Play store; some are masterpieces and some are real good ones. Don’t waste your time trying to sort them all by yourself.

We’ve grouped our app selection into categories, so finding the type of apps you’re searching for is easy. Each app on the list is impressive in its own way. Our collection is a snapshot of the best apps at the time of writing from the Google Play Store. If your favorite app has been missed, please leave a comment.


Google Play Music

Google Play Music allows users to stream music from its library of 30 million, which includes new albums and classic hits.


Spotify is still the top of the pack for streaming music despite increasing competition. It offers a new, clean design that stretches beyond streaming videos, podcasts, and additional features to music.

Apple Music

Apple Music has a shocking, refreshing focus on real people, ranging from the music editors whose entire job is to create playlists and select music for you in the app, to the Beats 1 live DJs, the 24/7 radio station integrated into the app.



You’ve covered GroupMe with anything you might want to do with groups. You can build events and monitor RSVPs as well as keeping you connected to multiple groups via text with videos and emoji packs.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of the most common messaging apps, the free WhatsApp from Facebook does almost everything; and the last piece, video calling, is in beta testing at the moment.



Snapseed has a simple, easy-to-use design, plus it supports raw, provides all the important tools for retouching, and delivers good results. And it’s free of charge.

PicsArt Photo Editor

With mashups, filters, form overlays, collages, frames almost everything you can do with a picture – PicsArt is delivering in an elegant and easy-to-use app. It also supports raw images and you don’t need purchases from the in-app.


Cymera is not just a selfie app, but it has options such as spot metering and a secure shooting mode that allows the best results to be obtained.



The Android Fitbit app has fun, social aspects that allow you to be nice and challenge others to different fitness competitions.


MyFitnessPal is a free food-logging app for starting calorie counters that allows you to track calories and set custom goals, making it ideal for people with other goals than just eating “less calories.”


Strava is a running / cycling log, an app that records and an all-in – one fitness community. The ace in the hole is its almost complete connectivity with Garmin, TomTom, Polar, Fitbit, Timex, Suunto, and more devices and services.

Nike Training Club

Nike+ Training Club is a free app with over 100 workouts of varying difficulty, time constraints, and equipment requirements guided by Nike Master Trainers, if you have more than seven minutes. The app also helps you to pick your own playlist.


Weather Underground

With an interactive WunderMap using crowd-sourced information to validate weather data, you can be sure that the conditions posted on the free Weather Underground app are the most accurate for your region.

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