World’s Most Dangerous Laptop Full of Malware Sold at $1.345 Million.

Today, a laptop auction with some of the most dangerous malware in the world closed with a valuation of $1,345 million. The Samsung NC10 has six viruses called “The Persistence of Chaos,” and it has caused estimated damage of $95 billion.

It was strictly intended to be an art piece although it could be used for academic purposes. It’s currently isolated and air-gapped. “The persistence of chaos” was commissioned by cyber security firm Deep Instinct by artist Guo O Dong.

It includes viruses such as WannaScry, which infected 150 countries with more than 200,000 computers. It caused nearly $4 billion of damage, and BlackEnergy, which shut down Ukraine’s power grid.

The laptop also includes ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig and DarkTequila malware. Each one is meant to be a reminder that ransomware has the potential for real-world harm.

The laptop is harmless in its isolated, airborne state. Though these viruses can still hurt, but now they’re outdated and new types of ransomware are already operating. Like, ravaging Baltimore and attacking cities like San Antonio.

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