How To Set-Up A Social Media Accounts For Business

  • How to use social media for business.

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with people. It’s also important to reach out to people who haven’t heard about your business yet. Social media are becoming an important part of today’s marketing.

Approximately two-thirds of U.S. adults use social media, making it a critical part of any business success plans to achieve their goals. Social media have become an integral part of today’s marketing.

Let’s look at 2019’s top social media figures and how they can help shape the upcoming year. Below is a guide that helps you to set up social media accounts for your business quickly and easily. We’ve been working hard to identify the success plans and tools that help small businesses thrive in social media, and we want to share this information with you!

However, we do offer an in-depth guide. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles for your business.

Here’s a Summary of the SM statistics for business 2019:

  • 3.48 billion users of social media worldwide.
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world.
  • 90.4% of Generation Y, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active users of social media.
  • Users use social networking and messaging for an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day.
  • Worldwide, 500 million daily active Instagram stories are uploaded.
  • 91% of all social media users use mobile devices to navigate social networks.

1. Facebook Page

Here’s what you need to set up your Facebook page:

  • Profile Photo: This should be a 170 x 170 px logo. Use PNG instead of JPG.
  • Cover Photo: This should be 820 x 312 px.
  • Page name
  • Location
  • Hours of operation
  • Type of business
  • Summary of your business

Few other facebook photo size:

  • Facebook Ad: This should be 1200 x 628 px.
  • App Ad: This should be 810 x 450 px.
  • Event Cover: This should be 1920 x 1080 px.
  • Post: This should be 940 x 788 px.

Also Verify Your Facebook Page

Get your Facebook page verified to boost your reputation and search rankings.

  • Click “Settings” while in normal page view.
  • Select “General” from the left-hand column.
  • Click on “Get verified” near the top of the list.
  • Enter your phone number and they’ll immediately call or text you a code.
  • Enter your secret code in the pop-up form.

Other Resources:

2. Instagram Profile

Make sure your Facebook business page is fill out correctly before you set up Instagram for your business. You use the same platform to create an Instagram profile for your business.

Start by creating a profile for a business account and then turn it into a business page. This is an important step because you can:

Here’s what you need to set up your Instagram page:

  • Logo: The only thing you have to display your logo is a 160×160 px circle.
  • Instagram Post: This should be 1080 x 1080 px.
  • Business Description: To define your business, brand or service you have 150 words.
  • Your Website’s URL: This is the only reason that your URL wants to be included. Make a decision whether your website, landing page or email subscription form will be included.
  • Social Accounts: You can connect your other social accounts, such as Twitter and Facebook, in Instagram. Make sure you link corresponding business accounts if you are using this feature.

Account creation steps:

You’ll convert it to a business page and complete your business profile once you have built an basic business account.

  1. Instagram app for Apple iOS from the App Store, Android from Google Play Store.
  2. Log in to your business’s public account.
  3. Access your account settings with the gear icon.
  4. Select “Switch to Business Profile”.
  5. Select “Continue as” to connect to your Facebook account.
  6. Pick the Facebook page that you want your Instagram account to be linked to.
  7. Your Facebook page will then be linked to your Instagram page automatically.
  8. Make sure that your contact details (telephone number, email address, locations) are current so that customers can reach you.

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3. LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is primarily a network between businesses and B2B companies that is the second most popular social channel.

Your LinkedIn profile includes your personal data to enable you to network with other companies. You can also create a business page and view page with the LinkedIn option. You tell people about your brand and post news, updates and marketing-related content on a business page at LinkedIn. It is also used to post jobs and display the culture of your business.

A LinkedIn showcase page contains the content specific to the topic and builds a group of devoted supporters.

Here’s what you need to set up your LinkedIn page:

You can create a LinkedIn business page by selecting the “Work” tab in the top right corner. At the bottom of the list, there is the option to “Create a Company Page.” To build a business page you need to meet the following requirements, among others, your personal LinkedIn profile.

  • Profile must be 7 days old minimum.
  • You must be an employee and the role of the organization is included in your profile.
  • Confirm and add a business email address to your LinkedIn account.

Account creation steps:

  • Business Page URL: It must be non-numeric and can not contain more than one consecutive hyphen or start / end with a hyphen.
  • Business Description: This must be between 250–2,000 characters.
  • Logo: This is recommended to be 300 x 300 px.
  • Cover Image: This is recommended to be 1536 x 768 px.
  • Banner: This should be 1400 x 425 px.

Other Resources:

4. Twitter Profile

Twitter enables you to create multiple accounts so it’s appropriate to add another account for your business if you already have a personal account. Twitter profiles will be simple and short.

Here’s what you need to set up your Twitter page:

  • Profile Picture: Your logo should be 400 x 400 px.
  • Header Photo: This should be 1500 x 500 px.
  • Post Photo: This should be 1024 x 512 px.
  • Username: It’s formatted as @yourbusinessname.
  • Description: To describe your service, you have 160 characters. You can also include a second URL and/or your SEO keyword.

Other Resources:

5. Pinterest Profile

Here’s what you need to set up your Pinterest page:

You can create a new business account if you don’t want your business account connected to your personal account.

  1. Log out, before opening a new account.
  2. Go to
  3. Fill out your email, password and business name then select a business type.
  4. Click: Create account.
  5. Graphic: This should be 735 x 1102 px.

Other Resources:

6. YouTube Profile

If you are a complete beginner to YouTube. The method is relatively straightforward and it only takes a few minutes to create your channel.

  1. Use an existing Google account or create a dedicated new account specifically for your business channel on YouTube.
  2. Once the Google account has been created, Go to YouTube’s homepage.
  3. On the YouTube homepage, click on the avatar icon within the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Click on “My channel” from the drop-down options.
  5. Enter your first and last name into the required fields to create a personal YouTube account. Click “Use a company or other name” to create a business account for YouTube, which will take you to a page where you can enter the name of your brand.
  6. Click “Create” to activate your new YouTube account.
  7. Channel Thumbnail: This should be 800×800 px, displays as 98×98 px.
  8. Channel Art: This should be 2,560×1440 px.

Other Resources:

The social media can be a fun, satisfying and cost-effective experience if you treat it wisely. The first step is to carefully complete your profiles.

We recommend creating a single email address dedicated to all social media efforts. For example:, where = your website address.

We hope you found this post helpful. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more great marketing info. If you have other insight to share, feel free to leave comments, and questions below.

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