How To Take Cars Photography on Phone – Tips And Tricks

How to capture professional images of cars using your phone only. You don’t have to know everything about photography, take your time and think about some aspects of a good photograph can make a difference.Let’s begin.

Try New Locations

Finding a great setting for your car is the absolute best way to increase your chances of getting a brilliant shot, so think carefully about where you want to go. To find a spot where it’s completely dark, any streetlights or even a full moon is tricky.

Don’t just take a snapshot in front of a cool building or a mountain; instead, pay attention to lighting conditions, background, angles, camera settings, and so forth.

Take Advantage of the Conditions

The Weather can change your image’s mood totally. A rainy day with overhead black clouds is great for Giving an Impression of Nature at Its Wildest.

Use The Available Light

The Huawei P30 Pro, can take great shots at night, you’ll still get the best results when shooting in the day. It’s still important to think about how you’re using the light.

Find New Angles

The most prominent viewpoint in ads is the 3-quarter front shot. It shows the most realistic car in one shot and picks up all the fancy details of the front. It is your best starting point and an absolutely must-have angle to think about your shots. But it’s up to you how you get that angle.

Take a walk and see what works best from different angles. You can keep your car on your shot only by moving closely and using the wide-angle lens on your camera.

Capture The Details

Each type of car has some interesting details about what the car is about. Making sure to tap to focus exactly on the spot you wanted to be pin sharp. Look around your vehicle and think about the details. Look for rear wings, and carbon-fiber details or anything to suggest speed and power, if it’s a performance car.

Shoot In Raw, Edit Later

The Galaxy S20 Ultra takes great, vibrant photos in its standard photo mode, to shoot raw format switch to the Pro mode. You’ll find this option in the settings menu in Pro mode. Raw pics always look very flat and lifeless right out of the camera and some processing work is always required. Use Adobe Lightroom CC or Snapseed and VSCO. You can do much more with your images by using raw files.

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