How To Take Macro Photography on Phone – Tips And Tricks

Macro photography can make even tiny subjects like insects or flower petals look huge on screen. “Macro photography” takes an extremely close-up photograph of a subject, so that the resulting image appears larger.

Close-up pictures are particularly popular in nature photography as they capture the unexpected detailed images of insects, flowers and more. And even with your phone camera, you can achieve this effect.

Using a macro lens with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Galaxy S10 Plus or Pixel 4, allows you to capture incredible details and see a side of nature you never knew existed.

Try Macro Lens For Your Phone

You only need to add a macro lens to your phone for macro shots. Use a macro lens from Moment’s that connects to a special phone case. The lens are costly, but they are made of quality glass. Clip-on macro lenses from companies such as Olloclip can also be found. Amazon offers a variety for a bit less.

Find Your Subject

The natural world is full of possibilities, search “macro photography” in Google and the results will be pictures of insects and plant life. To find insects you have to pay attention to small plants or hiding under the leaves. It can be time consuming, but once you get the hang of how to find them and where they’re more likely to be, it becomes easier.

Try To Shoot In Manual Mode

You can find manual mode in the new Galaxy S10 Plus as an option in the standard camera app. The users of iPhone will need an app like Moment that lets you control the settings and shoot in raw format manually.

Try To Use Burst Shooting

Try to shoot in the standard mode. The main reason is because it enables you to use burst mode, which takes multiple photos quickly by simply pressing and holding on the shutter button. Most manual modes won’t let you use burst mode. As a workaround in manual mode, by doing that it will increase the chances that at least one of them will look good.

Focus On The Right Point

The hardest part of the whole job is to ensure that your subject is focused. A technique, called focus stacking, is often used by professional macro photographers, using multiple images at different point of focus to achieve a fully focused subject. It’s difficult to achieve and it also requires the subject to remain completely still while the photos are being taken.

Use Some Extra Lighting

The macro photography relies on light falling on your subject. Shot macro images under the midday as the bright light helped bring out the colors of the insects. It also allowed the phone to use the lowest ISO speed possible and the fastest shutter speed.

Use the Lume Cube Light, which can easily fit into a backpack. It’s powerful enough to add a good amount of light onto your subject and you can easily move it around to put the light in the most flattering angle.

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