How To Take Sports Photography on Phone – Tips And Tricks

A pro-level dSLR is not required for taking action photos You’re able to capture some brilliant moments with your mobile camera, by taking a effort.

Better Light Means Better Photos

In photography, light is necessary, but the small sensor on a phone camera is even more important to find good lighting.

Use Burst Mode

The action takes place quickly. If you just take one picture when you try a trick, it may not be the best moment. By using burst mode, you can always take shots during the action by just holding your finger down on the shutter button. After it’s done, you can scroll back through each frame, choose just the best ones, and discard the rest.

Photos Edit In Snapseed

Even most action shots are still able to benefit from being punched a bit in the editing process. Use the Snapseed app for editing. It is fast, quick and has a variety of tools. (Download here for iPhone or here for Android)

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