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Google has announced “Incognito mode” for Google Maps on iPhone. It allows you to temporarily stop the app from tracking your trip. Google launched the Incognito mode feature for Android users on Google Maps in October.

Google said in a blog post – “While in Incognito mode, the places you search for or navigate to won’t be saved to your Google Account and you won’t see personalized features within Maps, like restaurant recommendations based on dining spots you’ve been to previously”. The feature rolled out to Android phones earlier this year and it works the same.

Incognito mode means that you won’t see personalized features in Maps. The mode also won’t update your location history. To turn on Incognito mode on your iPhone or other Apple device, open Google Maps and click on the circle in the top right corner to get to your account information. In the menu, select “Turn on Incognito mode.”

In 2018, Google launched the Android Youtube app in Incognito mode. The Incognito mode is an important way of providing users with a greater privacy choice when they choose to use one of Google’s mobile apps.

In next month, Google will roll out the ability for Android users to bulk-delete information from their Google Maps timeline and location history. It seems you can quickly find and delete multiple places from your Timeline and Location History all at once.

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