Lime Starts a Weekly Scooter and E-bike Subscription

Lime announced LimePass. Lime offers a weekly service that can save a few bucks in unlock fees.

The Lime users will be able to use it in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Start today and in other world markets early next month. Users will be able to sign up for unlimited scooter and e-bike rides without paying the unlock fee.

The exact pricing will vary between markets of a LimePass subscription. A screenshot suggests that it will cost $4.99 per week in San Francisco. In the beginning it’s unlocking fee is normally around $1 per ride. For the new users to try lime is offering a week of free unlocks to new subscribers.

“The subscription service is designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing number of micromobility riders, simplifying commutes and rewarding those who depend on electric scooters and bikes for their day-to-day transportation needs” Lime said in a blog post.

To access the service, open the Lime app, click on the menu icon, then go to the LimePass icon and follow the on-screen instructions.

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