Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses Price

A Chinese company called Nreal put out something very interesting: low-profile mixed reality glasses that look and feel almost like ordinary sunlasses, so you can use them outside without attracting too much attention.

The Nreal Light glasses offer a sharp and vivid image, while offering a 52-degree field of view that easily beats the Magic Leap One. The frame has dual microphone on its top and stereo speakers on the two folding arms, alongside luminous buttons on one of the arms.

The adjustable magnetic nose support makes fitting simple. Nreal also offers lenses for magnetic prescription. It also comes with a pair of front-facing cameras plus other sensors, which are based on Nreal’s SLAM algorithms for inside-out tracking.

The Nreal Light runs a separate Android pocket that you can wear on your neck or clip onto your phone. That can run on a single charge for approximately three hours. You can even plug the Light onto any smartphone or PC via USB-C in the future.

There is hope this could be much more than just games and videos. A shopping experience is one of the demos Nreal is offering at CES. Nreal does a good job of showing how easy and comfortable Mixed Reality can be for anyone. Nreal headsets have only recently launched DeveloperKits, although versions of that headset have been displayed for a full year now.

The Nreal Light is the work of some 70 people based in Beijing, with Co-Founder Bing Xiao and CEO Chi Xu. Chi Xu was previously worked at NVIDIA followed by Magic Leap.

The team aims to launch the Light on the consumer market this year in either the second or third quarter, and these glasses will cost the same as a smartphone.


Consumer Kit$499
Developer Kit$1199
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