1,000 New Hd Wallpapers of the Most Stunning Landscapes Released in Google Earth

Google recently shared pictures of some of the most amazing landscapes from space. Now, it just released its largest update to its Google Earth View collection by adding 1,000 new images.

The Google Earth View set currently features over 2,500 landscapes. The updated imagery has been optimized for 4K displays with vivid colors and sharper images.

The images can be used as wallpapers in Android phones, as screensaver for Chromecast, Google Home, and as desktop wallpaper. You can also install the Earth View Chrome Extension to view a new image every time you open a +tab.

“Earth View started simply enough – a curiosity pursued by the curious”.

Over the decade:

“The tiny seed sprouted several limbs, and today this imagery has been seen by millions of people the world over”. Google Earth product manager Gopal Shah wrote in a blog post.

“Earth View has the power to elevate our minds from our tiny screens to outer space”.

“The landscapes that materialize when you open a new tab or unlock your phone punctuate your day with a global looking glass. My hope then is this funny, little project – along with Google Earth as a whole – moves us to care more deeply about this strange but kaleidoscopically beautiful planet.”

Download Entire Collection of Google Earth Images: Download, You can explore the entire collection on Google Earth View.

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