How to Add Spotify to Google Maps for Your Music on the Go.

On a regular basis, Google also regularly introduces new features and improvements for Maps. One functionality that users may not know about is Google Maps music playback. You are able to control your music player on the Google Maps app when navigating to your destination.

Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify are the three music apps you can link to Google Maps. All you have to do to allow permissions on Google Play Music or Apple Music. Spotify requires some additional steps to connect Google Maps.

Apple Music will automatically appear on your Google Maps on iPhones. Likewise, if you are using Google Play Music, it will appear on Maps. Nevertheless, there are certain steps to be taken to allow Spotify.

How to Connect Your Spotify Account to Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps.
  • Open the main menu in the top-left.
  • Select the gear icon for Settings.
  • Choose Navigation.
  • For iPhone/iPad, select Music playback controls.
  • For Android, select Show media playback controls.
  • Select Spotify and accept the terms to connect your account.
  • Spotify will then be available while in an active navigation session.

Once connected, At the bottom of your navigation map you can find music controls. Tap the Spotify logo to show more play-options.

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