How to Track the Coronavirus Covid-19 Online

  • For the new news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

The COVID-19 coronavirus affects 210 countries and territories worldwide. The deadly coronavirus continues to spread all over the world, and you can keep up with all reported cases.

The data show that 281,061 people were killed and approximately 3 million people infected by coronaviruses, which emerged in China’s Wuhan. Around 1,455,145 people have recovered.

The outbreak was first reported to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31. Through Chinese scientists, linking the illness to a family of viruses. It include the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Italy has reported 1,99,000 fatalities, Spain 2,29,000, France 1,69,000, UK 9,85,000, Iran 91,000, Germany 158,300, and China 83,000 fatalities.

Report Coronavirus Cases

Source data: WHO, disease control centers in USA, China and Europe and governments worldwide. It shows all confirmed, suspected patients and deaths of corona-virus.

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